Digital Citizenship

  • With increased access to devices and the Internet, the concept of Digital Citizenship is of great importance for all who use "the web". Digital Citizenship relates to the way in which an individual communicates and presents oneself on the Internet and the identity the user develops through interactions on the Internet and social networking sites.  School-based activities and discussion about Digital Citizenship include awareness and resources related to Internet safety and cyberbullying. The Bainbridge Island School District includes instruction in Digital Citizenship at appropriate grade levels as students access the Internet at school. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child's teacher, teacher-librarian, counselor, or principal at your child's school.
    Helping our students stay safe and make responsible choices on the Internet can be promoted at 全民双色球大乐透下载安装. The following resources may help students and their families learn about Digital Citizenship and related areas such as Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.