Multicultural Education


    Bainbridge Island School District values multicultural education as integral to the inclusive teaching and learning process. The Multicultural Education Program provides all students with equitable opportunities to:

    • Develop a strong sense of self-identity and self-worth.
    • Be successful, both academically and socially.
    • Develop an understanding of and appreciation for persons of diverse backgrounds and circumstances.
    • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become positive, active contributors, in a democratic, intercultural society.
    Bainbridge Island School District has had a Multicultural Advisory Committee since 1986, which has provided guidance to the district in developing, maintaining and assessing a comprehensive K‑12 multicultural education program. The Committee was recognized and awarded for their leadership by the Washington Association of School Administrators in 2000.

    There are Multicultural Lead Teachers at each school. They promote multicultural goals, educational activities, and events. They also connect other staff members with multicultural resources in their school, the school district, and the community.

    Multicultural Education Goals:

    The goals of the multicultural education program are to have each student:
    • Feel valued and respected.
    • Be successful, both academically and socially.
    • Recognize and understand diverse perspectives.
    • Make meaningful contributions in a democratic society.